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Interview: Top 3 Up-And-Coming Actors To Watch

Based out of LA, Lili is both an actor and comedian who loves stage combat, basketball, music, reading, and studying languages. Not only is she a dedicated content creator but she also manages to find time to volunteer for Solve M.E., a non-profit raising awareness and funding for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Lili has spent the last few years exploring new aspects of acting which has helped her find her own voice.  She explained that, “...For me, varying my training has been the best way to stretch myself and actually piece together what works best for me in acting, and in comedy. I feel like I’ve found that my stride is actually in always searching for ways to improve, and working hard at those skills.”

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When asked why she creates she told us, “I know the world can be a better place and I want to be part of the people who create that change. I know how powerful media is.” In this vein she explained that she studied and wrote a thesis on how empathetic characters in storytelling are one way in which you can reach people who are extremely divided and polarized. “I’m inspired by all of the courageous leaders and artists who’ve come before us— they changed the world, and so can we!”

Read the full interview conducted by Exit42 Media at:

Lili Fox-Lim

Theater: Klingon Tamburlaine

Klingon Tamburlaine Warps Into Hollywood Fringe

(Broadway World)

Though Kahless himself, angry god of arms,
And all of Qo’noS’s potentates conspire
To dispossess me of this new-won crown,
Yet will I wear it in despite of them
As great commander of all Klingondom.
Full bowls of bloodwine to the god of war!
-Tamburlaine the Great

The Gabh ghe’naQ theatre ensemble returned to earth after a sold out run on Qo’noS to perform their unique take on Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine the Great, parts I and II.​


"Galactical theatrical brilliance! ...Klingon Tamburlaine achieves the seemingly impossible, again and again."

-Mitchell Glaser

"The actors [sell] it all with the sort of hammy zest that would make the Shat proud."

-Jim Vejvoda

HAS GONE BEFORE. An immensely creative and inventive staging makes this "classic" that you wrestled through in English Lit into a roller coaster ride worthy of Magic Mountain."

-Earnest Kearney,

No longer performing.

The Complex Hollywood --


Klingon Formation
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