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About: Facets of Lili



Actor - Writer - Producer

Lili is a multi-hyphenate actor, writer, and producer.


ACTING: As an actor, she is best known for co-hosting the award-winning broadcast TV talk show, A Captain’s Log, which airs on 18 local channels around the U.S. She loves to do comedy, sci-fi, and her dream is to play a New York small business owner.


WRITING and PRODUCING: Lili is now writing and producing, with several small projects in development under her production company Mister Fox’s Coffee. She especially loves writing comedy for television and sci-fi.


Under the LillixLili banner, Tooth Fairies Inc. is currently finishing up in post-production, while Keep in Touch is moving forward in development.

Chronic Illness Advocate

ME/CFS and Long Covid

After being nearly bedridden for 3 years with ME/CFS, Lili began their advocacy journey with Solve M.E.'s Community Advisory Council. This was soon followed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Lili's work shifted to the Long Covid Alliance, where she served as co-lead for the Media, Awareness, and Storytelling working group.


Science and Healthcare

Pre-Med Student

With a love of science and people, Lili is hoping to become a primary care physician. Inspired by the years she personally spent bedridden due to chronic illness, Lili hopes to be the first step in a patient’s chronic illness journey. Though she earned an M.A. Communications at Stanford University, she was also that nerdy kid who put random things under a microscope in her free time. Lili has studied Spanish (10 yrs) and Mandarin (3 yrs), which they hope to utilize to treat under-served patient populations in Southern California.

Nursing Station Volunteer at Huntington Hospital


Music, Painting, Languages

MUSIC: Lili has trained in classical piano (8 yrs) and violin (6 yrs). She has more recently taught herself to play the ukulele and flute, and is working on the guitar.

PAINTING: Lili enjoys painting for the fun of it. Just as with music, they find that art lulls them into that flow state.

LANGUAGES: Lili loves languages, particularly grammars and psycholinguistics. She has studied Spanish for over 10 years, Mandarin for 3 years, has passed Duolingo in French, and teaches Klingon on social media (with the blessing of Marc Okrand, the creator of the language!).

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