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Premiere the Play

Working with the talented director Aimee Greenberg and an amazing cast, we recorded an audio-only version of the play "Touch the Moon" by Arianna Rose, for a new theater podcast by Dean Productions Theatre Company. Looks like our episode will likely stream in August, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, more info here:


New Representation:
Commercial and Theatrical

Beyond pumped to share that some new reps have joined my team! Two wonderful women, Niquole Gomez of District Model and Talent (theatrical) and Nancy Luciano of Luciano Reeves Talent Inc., are joining me on this journey! Can't wait to see what magic we make together.

district model and talent.jpg

Comedy: Watch my Zoom standup comedy shows!

I started learning and performing standup comedy on Zoom, and can't wait to get up onstage after the pandemic is over!

My first two shows were with Pretty Funny Women, with the Madame Lisa Sunstedt, and then I got to do this cool show for the Scranton Fringe Festival inside of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which was so much fun.


ACNH Fringe:

(I come on around 32 mins)

Lili Fox-Lim by Kim Alexis

Short Film: The King of Hearts Magic Society

It was so much fun working with the kind and multi-talented writer-director Olivia Popp (Double Vision) on the short film, The King of Hearts Magic Society. A truly wonderful crew and cast. I'm so grateful to have been a part of such a great team!


Update: The film has been selected for its first festival showing! :)

The King of Hearts Magic Society_Marie


I had a fantastic experience shooting a co-star role on the web series, Functional. It was an overnight shoot on location inside a supermarket, and the entire crew and cast were amazingly creative and kind! The show is centered around Latinx and LGBTQ+ narratives (yes!!) and is set for a September 2019 release, so keep your eyes peeled, potatoes!

UPDATE: Watch Episode 13 to see me as Tammy (and subscribe to the channel to see more!) here:

Functional Web series behind the scenes


Actors Youth Academy

I'm thrilled to be writing for the Actor's Youth Academy blog, and getting to share what we learn and practice in class with the online world! I've been blessed to know the amazing people at AYA for many years, and excited to contribute to our community. As the industry keeps changing, we will need more bilingual acting schools like AYA, so we can practice acting in Spanish! Have you seen Gentefied, One Day At A Time, or The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia? The future is now.

AYA Album Cover

Short Film:

Every Morning

Teamwork makes the dream work! I was part of such a wonderful team on the set of BlackSmith Films' Every Morning. The short film, written and directed by Lucas Pincer, tells a story of enduring love for Alice and Emily in their kitchen, making pancakes together as they have since they were young. It's a beautiful and important story: positive LGBTQ+ representation matters!

Watch the short here!

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 10.23.18

Short Film: Cindy's Shoes

It turns out filming a horror film in a dark shoe store at night actually is a bit spooky... especially when you start hearing sounds in the back (haha!), but it made the perfect atmosphere for our awesome lil' crew to make a scary short together. So grateful for another chance to act with my bud Aren, and spend more time on set with our talented film-making friends!

Cindy's Shoes.png

Voiceover: William Shakespeare's Tragical History of Frankenstein

With Masquers Playhouse in the Bay Area! Got to work on this fun faux-Shakespeare text with an amazing cast and crew. Directed by the kind and fierce Angelina LaBarre. In this show, I played Elizabeth, Victor Frankenstein's beloved and cousin (lol).

Give it a listen here:


News: Signing with Five Star Talent Management

I am super excited to announce that I've added an amazing manager to my team, and signed with Cindy Huffman at Five Star Talent Management! :) I have loved working with the kind and hard-working Cindy and Tammy so far, and I can't wait to see where our partnership takes us.

five star.png

Klingon Tamburlaine

I loved working with an amazing theatrical ensemble on an adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine the Great, with a Trek-infusion for the modern palate. Our production, once part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, contains stunning fights (choreographed by the one and only Jen Albert!), starships warping across the stage, and a diverse cast of Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans, and even one human. ;)

UPDATE: We were a Pick of the Fringe and nominated for Top of Fringe! And, most exciting, the Gab Ghe'naQ theatre company received an Encore Producer's Award for this show, and ARE PERFORMING AGAIN! A few more chances to see this unique work.

So grateful for such a wonderful team and a beautiful piece of art. Thanks to all who came to see it.



Silent Film: Hot Cheetos

It was so much fun to act with not one, but two fractors (friends+actors) in the comedy short Hot Cheetos! We worked with an amazing crew on a hilarious script, and it turned out amazingly! Plus, we made some wonderful new friends (who are also very gifted and kind).


Check it out here:

Hot Cheetos

Theater: Doctor Voynich and Her Children

It was such an honor and a challenge to take on the role of Doctor Rue Voynich in [wit]'s university premiere of Leanna Keyes' contemporary, heartfelt, and beautiful play Doctor Voynich And Her Children, as my last show at Stanford! I learned so much and grew as an actor and a person. So many themes in this play are very personal to me and to people I care deeply about, which made the experience even more meaningful.

[See more about the play here.]

Doctor Voynich and Her Children_Rue and Jess

Theater: Purple Cloud

In my senior year, I was extremely fortunate to play Hapa Girl in the Asian American Theater Project (AATP)'s production of Purple Cloud. The play, written by Jessica Huang, follows three generations of a mixed-race Asian family, and it was a deeply personal role for me. There are few roles for someone of mixed-Asian heritage, and representation in art and media is profoundly important. I will always be so grateful that the stars aligned the way they did then, and to all who were involved--- remember that we'll always belong to purple cloud (and that I love you).

Lili Fox-Lim in Purple Cloud as Hapa Girl

Short Film: Girls Night

UPDATE: We won Best Screenplay Award at the DigiFilm Festival!

How fun is it to play an energetic, playful gal getting ready for a girl's night out, only to accidentally confuse her hapless boyfriend who thinks "girls night" is code for cheating? Turns out it's very fun! It was an amazing time working with writer-director Courteney Coukoulis and a high-spirited crew on such a fun script. So thankful for the opportunity to dance around like no one's watching and make weird faces in the mirror, but for a film. ;)

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